Warranty & Returns Policy

OneWorld will only be liable to honour a warranty of our products if:

  • The defect existed at the time of delivery and manifested during the warranty period detailed below for the product;
  • The defect did not arise due to normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse by the customer;
  • The product under this claim has been used for the purpose intended and in a domestic environment only.
  • (Unless the latter requirement is waived by OneWorld in writing); i.e. commercial use will not be covered under this warranty;
  • The customer duly complied with the care instructions and maintenance referred to included with the product upon receipt;
  • The product is assembled by OneWorld or by the customer in accordance with the suppliers’ specifications and instructions. If instructions were not received they must be requested.

7-Day Claim Period

All return or credit claims pertaining to products purchased from OneWorld Collection Pty Ltd must be made within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

Damaged Product

If an item is damaged upon arrival, the following conditions must be met;

  • The claim is received by the head offices of OneWorld Collection within the claim period
  • The customer details are provided, including;
  • o Product detail, including item code and purchase price
  • o A contact name and number that links you to the Invoice
  • o Images of the damages to the item(s)
  • o A brief description of the problems experienced with the item(s)

Faulty Items

If an item is discovered to be faulty, we will replace the item at no cost, or fully refund you for the purchase price of the item, given that we are notified within 7 days of receiving the item. For faulty items discovered outside of the 7-day claim period, please refer to the warranty conditions below.

Refund or Exchange

If you change your mind and would like to exchange for another product, the following conditions apply;

  • The item must be returned to the head offices of OneWorld Collection, at the cost of the purchasing entity.
  • OneWorld head offices must be informed within 7 days of receipt of the item, and provided details of the courier and returned item.
  • Customer details including store name, invoice number, and item code must be provided with the returned item on a separate document.
  • The item must be returned in original packaging in perfect condition. Any damages that occur in transit will be worn by the purchasing entity, and you will not be entitled to full credit of the item. Damages will be as per the judgement of OneWorld warehouse managers, and discounted in accordance with the extent of those damages.
  • NB: If you are have concerns regarding the efficacy of your designated courier, please take photos and use their insurance policy where possible, so you are able to claim with them if the product is damaged in transit.
  • There is a re-stocking fee of 20% for returned items in saleable condition.

Please note, due our extensive handmade product range, we have large variations in the composition and fragility amongst our items, so we cannot guarantee claims on all items outside our return period. For this reason, we ask that you please check all items on the date of receipt of the goods, in order to avoid any discrepancies that may occur as a result of a third party (eg. courier mishandling).


In addition to our 7-day returns policy, please note the warranty periods for the below categories;

Product Line Warranty Period
Lamps 12 months
Clocks 12 months
Furnniture 12 months

The warranty period begins from the date of invoice, and covers any defect in materials or manufacture during the specified warranty period. OneWorld Collection will repair or replace defective product, or components of the product, should any issues be encountered. The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear of the item through use, or damaged caused by incorrect assembly of the product.


The warranty covers fault of the wiring components and manufacturing structure. OneWorld does not cover tarnishing of lamps where the purchaser has used chemical agents to clean the product, as harsh cleaning products will accelerate any natural tarnishing and void the warranty as stated above. For this reason, please ensure you use only a soft dust cloth to clean the lamp, adding a little water if necessary.


The warranty covers manufacturing faults of the internal structure and stitching of upholstered furniture, and the structural integrity of all other furniture. The warranty does not cover wear through use, including;

  • Fading caused by excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Damage, pulls, or stains caused by impact or accident


The warranty covers fault with the mechanism, including movement of the hands and time keeping. The warranty does not cover damages that occur through use, including dents, chips, and scratched or broken paintwork/glass.

Please note, the warranty does not cover loss or theft of product, or damage incurred as a result of natural disasters. To claim for your warranty, please follow the necessary conditions required for a credit, stating ‘warranty claim’ and the invoice number in the headline.

All return lodging and warranty claims to go to:

All returns to go to;
OneWorld Collection Pty Ltd
6/113 Wisemans Ferry Rd
NSW, 2250